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A truck scale purchase is one of the most crucial investments your business can make. A dependable and accurate scale is vital to productivity, profitability, and security.

System Scale proudly offers quality truck scales featuring state-of-the-art POWERCELL™ PDX™ technology and an industry-leading, 10-Year Guarantee. We are a proud Premier METTLER TOLEDO Distributor, and we also carry truck scales from top brands like Rice Lake, Cardinal, and Emery Winslow to meet your needs.

With a full range of steel- and concrete-deck scales available, System Scale can work with you to find the right weighing solution to keep your business moving. We offer a variety of scale configurations, including portable, multi-axle weighing, and in-motion solutions. We also cover CAT scales and portable truck scales.

5 Critical Factors to Buying a Truck Scale

Watch our quick video to learn more about the critical factors to consider when buying a truck scale. For more information, head to our Resources page or contact us.

Truck Scale Resources

METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale

PDX™ has revolutionized vehicle scales, increasing protection and resistance. Vehicle scales with PDX™ are more reliable, efficient, and accurate.

The load cells use a predictive diagnostic “always on” technology to ensure your scale consistently operates at peak performance. PDX™ technology alerts you about scale performance issues such as weighing errors, environmental conditions, network health, load cell voltages, overloading, and enclosure integrity.

POWERCELL PDX™ load cells eliminate problematic junction boxes that can cause major issues with water, lightning, loose connections, debris, and other environmental-related problems. Instead, PDX™ load cells connect in a simple network. Electrical components are encased in a hermetically sealed load cell enclosure that protects critical parts from all environmental elements.
lightning striking in the mountains

Worried about lightning strikes? PDX™ Technology eliminates the risk. With StrikeShield™, each load cell has built-in protection, which uses surge protectors and a single-point ground that prevents damage from lightning strikes. StrikeShield™ has been tested and certified by independent testing agencies to verify results.

To learn more about PDX™ technology, download the guide.

10 year warranty stamp

Industry-Leading 10-Year Warranty

A vehicle scale is one of the largest business investments you can make. You deserve a trustworthy, long-term scale partner. With System Scale’s 10-year guarantee, you can be confident that your truck scale is fully protected, saving you time and money if you need future repairs or replacements. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering lasting value.

Our warranty is the most comprehensive in the market, offering you the following benefits:

  • 100% Parts
  • 100% Labor
  • 100% Travel
  • 100% Recalibration
  • Full System Lightning Protection
Be sure to ask us about our Preventative Maintenance program, offering services required to maintain your warranty.

Additional Parts & Services

  • Free design consultation and site review
  • Foundation construction
  • Traffic controls, lights, and gates
  • Remote outdoor printers
  • Outdoor unattended kiosks to ensure social distancing
  • Truck scale management software
  • Remote readouts (scoreboards)
  • Intercoms
  • Guard rails
  • Much more

Your Truck Scale Services Partner

In addition to our wide range of scales and related products, System Scale offers state-of-the-art services to ensure your weighing and measurement equipment operates efficiently and meets quality standards. With ISO 17205 accreditation, our helpful, industry-leading service guarantees your equipment and paperwork will always be compliant.

Our support is available 24 hours a day with a guaranteed 4-hour response time. Schedule your service here.

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Truck Scale Information & Resources

Let our experts at System Scale find the right industrial truck scale for your business. Contact us to request more information or learn more from one of our dedicated sales engineers.

For troubleshooting assistance, download our Truck Scales Troubleshooting Guide.