How can automation help your production process?

Automation Solutions


Automation solutions have quickly become an integral part of many manufacturing processes for a variety of reasons. Many of these solutions are designed to replace repetitive tasks and to reduce and improve human work in the industry. Some common reasons you might seek out automation solutions could be:

  • Labor shortages
  • Human error
  • Production consistency
  • Maintaining quality
  • Remote access to critical information
  • After-effects of COVID-19

System Scale is proud to be an industry leader in developing automated solutions for our customers, providing greater transparency into the production process and helping to make these processes more efficient and cost-effective.

mettler toledo ICS685 counting scale

Today’s counting scales not only count, but in some cases can also be used to:

  • Maintain a local database of parts inventory onboard the scale
  • Check-weigh
  • Totalize

System Scale offers a full range of counting solutions from basic parts counting scales to ERP integrated high-resolution, multi-scale counting systems.

data reporting on computer with a small hour glass on keyboard

Data collection is an integral part of your manufacturing process, ensuring you have accurate data to make the right business decision every time. System Scale is able to provide solutions from a basic data collection package to a fully integrated software solution.

In partnership with industry leaders, System Scale is also proud to offer unattended systems software for truck scales. Some of their advantages include:

  • Driver never needs to exit the vehicle
  • Eliminates the need for a scale operator
  • Reduces costs
  • Ensures the safety of your employees and community
Mettler toledo hi speed check weigher

The checkweigher is one of your last lines of defense when it comes to preventing overfilled or underfilled packages from reaching your customers. 

Checkweighers can be used across your entire production process to optimize processes, facilitate operations, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Other benefits to checkweighing?

  • Helps to reduce waste
  • Improves profitability
  • Improves product quality
  • Increases customer satisfaction
food filling machine

Increasingly, manufacturers are recognizing the advantages to using automated filling or batching machines in their production process. Benefits include:

  • Higher production speeds
  • Reduction in human error
  • Reliability & consistency
  • Lower operator interaction
  • Versatility – many machines can accommodate different container shapes and sizes
retail weigh scale labels

Labelers do just what their name implies – label containers. Choosing an automated labeler comes with a list of benefits to your production process, things like:

  • Fewer errors in product labels
  • Quick and time-saving; allows you to keep pace with increasing demand without as much additional labor
  • Cost-effective: if you’ve been hand-applying labels, you’ll easily understand how automated labeling quickly pays for itself many times over
  • Reduction in waste
CalVault logo

CalVault is System Scale’s proprietary cloud-based asset management platform, designed specifically around our customers’ need for access to critical information, no matter the time of day or where they might be.

  • View equipment stats across your organization
  • Print calibration certificates
  • Pay invoices online
  • Your one-stop shop for everything certificate-related
  • Available on any device, whether on-site or remote

Learn more about CalVault and how it provides transparency to your organization’s equipment.