About Us


System Scale is a trusted leader in the weights and measurements industry, providing products, ongoing service, in-lab calibration services, and a proprietary cloud-based asset management program. Founded in 1979, we have always been dedicated to developing customer relationships, providing quality solutions, and creating lasting value.

As a 100% employee-owned company, our team takes great pride in knowing we not only represent ourselves but the company we own. Everyone at System Scale is personally invested and cares deeply about your experience.

What Makes Us Different

  • We have an owner’s perspective.
    As an employee-owned company, we approach customer challenges differently. We think about the future, not just the immediate issues, providing transparent feedback and recommendations. 
  • We understand the value of time.
    Recognizing the significance of time allows us to assist our clients in making informed decisions, saving money, and building long-term value.
  • We think of you before you think of us.
    We anticipate and address problems before they arise. As a reliable and supportive partner, we make quality simple, so our customers can save time and focus on more pressing matters.

What We Offer

With our team, you get all the benefits of a large company with 12 locations and a wide range of products and services, and the personal attention you would expect from a small company. We’re here to help whenever you need us—24/7/365.

As your partners through the process, we help determine your specific needs to match the perfect scale solution. At every turn, our goal is to instill trust and create lasting value. 

Our Products & Services:

  • Accreditation to ISO 17025 standards
  • In-Plant / Standard and vehicle scales to fit any need
  • The top industry scale brands, including METTLER TOLEDO, Ohaus, Cardinal, Ricelake, and Minebea-Intec
  • System integration & custom software
  • CalVault, our proprietary cloud-based remote asset management platform
  • Agricultural specific products via our HarvestWeigh line of products

Quality You Can Measure

Scale service is typically the last thing our customers think about until there is a problem. At System Scale, we are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do, and we value customer satisfaction above all else. That’s why, in addition to scale products, our System Scale Lab operation proudly offers the highest quality precision calibration services providing on-site and lab NIST traceable certification.

We are very proud of our ISO 17025 standards, which means you get total peace of mind that your calibrations and paperwork are always correct, compliant, and safe.

Your Partner for All Your Scale Needs

As experts in industrial scales and measurements, we serve many market segments, including:

  • All industrial scale activities (both in-plant and heavy duty)
  • Quality control and laboratory measurements (both on-site and depot service) accredited to ISO 17025 standards from our System Scale Lab operations
  • Agricultural products via our HarvestWeigh line
  • System integration & custom software
  • Our proprietary cloud-based asset management software, CalVault

As an employee-owned business with 12 locations and resources across the Midwest and mid-South, excellent customer service is our commitment. Download our brochure for more information.