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Hazardous Area


Weighing systems are often a very critical part of hazardous area processes, whether manual or automated. Manufacturing, electrical work, chemical processing, and other hazardous areas that are exposed to potentially dangerous elements mean that safety is of incredible importance. For safe operation in potentially explosive environments, weighing system components must have an appropriate level of protection and weighing signals must be safely and quickly communicated to the control system in the safe area.

Working in a hazardous environment can be tough and dangerous, and can expose your workers to potential harm if you aren’t careful to have the right tools and processes in place. You need to be able to rely on and trust the equipment you are using in that environment. System Scale’s hazardous area solutions offer a wide selection of intrinsically safe hazardous area weighing equipment including balances, indicators, accessories, weigh modules, weighing platforms, and vehicle scales.

In addition, weighing equipment and control terminals intended for use in hazardous areas must comply with extensive regulations, standards and directives. Selecting the right equipment for the job can make achieving compliance significantly easier.

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Our Mettler Toledo solutions ensure safety with globally approved equipment for explosive environments classified as:

  • Zone 1 and 21 or Division 1
  • Zone 2 and 22
  • Division 2

Intrinsically safe circuits often combine elements with the various safety levels. Depending on functionality and the classification of the safety level, the circuit elements can be applied either in hazardous or non-hazardous areas. This type of equipment can be found near areas that:

  • Are susceptible to grain dust
  • Have combustible gases
  • Process pharmaceuticals
  • House flammable liquids
  • Are confined in space

For hazardous areas, like explosive atmospheres or chemical processing, intrinsic safety is key. There are two considerations that must be taken into account when choosing the right weighing equipment for hazardous areas: the right classification and the appropriate method of ignition protection. Among several ignition protection methods, the intrinsic safety and flameproof protection methods are similar to the design of weighing equipment for hazardous areas. Intrinsic safety, however, is one of the safest protection methods. It also completely differs from any other recognized method of protection for certified hazardous areas.

System Scale proudly offers a variety of Mettler Toledo weighing products that are focused on the development of intrinsically safe weighing systems, providing the user with the highest level of accuracy, safety, broad functionality, and low installation and maintenance costs.

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Weighing is an important parameter of many manufacturing processes, and it requires special attention when conducted in hazardous areas. Though weighing system components may be both intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe depending on where and how they are used, it is crucial to ensure they have an appropriate level of safety and provide required communication possibilities.

The system must be selected, configured and installed in strict accordance with hazardous area regulations and standards. For some applications, a simple standalone weighing system with relatively simple communication optionality is adequate. However, for other more advanced applications with requirements of enhanced data communication, the system configuration can be more complex. You need a partner that can help ensure all aspects of your weighing and measuring in the hazardous area are done correctly the first time.

Not sure where to start? Watch the on-demand webinar, “Hazardous Area Standards and Regulations” now. Be sure to also visit our Resources page for more information on Intrinsically Safe Weighing Platforms.

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