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High-Quality Scale Conversions

Are your scales starting to show wear and tear, or are they not operating to the same standard they used to meet? In many cases, replacing the scale could be a costly and unnecessary solution. Rather than purchase a new scale, consider upgrading to the latest technology with a conversion kit.

Was your scale damaged in a storm? We’ve helped customers navigate the insurance claim process and qualify for a scale conversion through their insurance claims.

Our Conversion Products

METTLER TOLEDO gdd conversion kit

Your existing weighbridge can gain the benefits of reliable POWERCELL® PDX® technology with a Model VKR211 load cell conversion kit. This easy-to-install kit upgrades a weighbridge by using load cells to replace:

  • High-maintenance lever systems
  • Analog load cells
  • Hydraulic load cells
  • Load cells damaged by a lightning strike, flooding, etc.

Kits are also available to update previous generations of POWERCELL® load cells. Combine the VKR211 kit with an IND560 or IND780 terminal and other time-saving options to fully upgrade your vehicle-weighing operation.

METTLER TOLEDO powercell truck scale

With exclusive PDX® technology, you can eliminate problematic junction boxes—the primary cause of water-related breakdowns and premature failure of vehicle scale load cells. In addition, the environmental- and rodent-resistant cabling and StrikeShield™ lightning protection system help eliminate lightning risks. These kits include our industry-leading 10-year guarantee, the most comprehensive warranty available today.

METTLER TOLEDO gdd and receivers

Conversions are available for the following manufacturers. If you do not see your manufacturer listed below, please call us to confirm whether your scale is eligible.

  • Weightronix
  • Rice Lake
  • Cardinal
  • Fairbanks
  • Emery Winslow
  • Howe Richardson
  • Thurman
  • And More

Information & Resources

Is it time to convert your old truck or rail vehicle scale into one that operates at peak performance? Before you purchase a new scale, contact us for a consultation to see if our process suits your needs.

If you still have questions, download our conversion kit FAQ sheet.