Keep your equipment at peak performance with routine maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Services


For any business that uses scales, preventative maintenance should be a routine part of your scale service schedule.

Without regular service and calibration, scales can become inaccurate or fail regulation requirements which can lead to costly and dangerous issues.

At System Scale, we think of you before you think of us. So, we work with you to proactively schedule routine maintenance for your scales, ensuring accuracy, peace of mind, and cost savings.

Prevent Costly Downtime

At System Scale, we understand the value of time.

To maintain productivity, your scale – no matter the type – must perform reliably with minimal downtime.

Schedule preventative services so you can:

  • Ensure reliable performance
  • Maintain compliance with requirements
  • Avoid unexpected equipment downtime
  • Protect your budget
With proper preventative maintenance, you can reduce downtime and achieve a high return on your equipment investment over its lifetime.
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Maintain Quality & Accuracy

Preventative maintenance is the key to your scale’s accuracy and longevity. If you’re mixing ingredients or creating a product that requires precision, then accuracy is especially important.

With planned, periodic scale maintenance, you’ll get:

  • Consistent, accurate results
  • Extended equipment life
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • The best performance possible

Protect your product and your brand with a regular preventative maintenance schedule.

Reliable Solutions

We provide helpful solutions for any scale type. Our preventative maintenance services include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Thorough clean-out
  • Data backup and storage
  • Documenting equipment condition
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Calibrations as needed
  • Repairs and installation of new parts
  • Signed inspection sticker
  • Post-inspection report
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3 Tiers Of Service For Your Needs

ISO Check with Certificate:
  • Purchase when the highest level of quality and documentation is required for a process.
  • Includes formal contract review, standardized test points, and accredited certificate with traceable standards.
Standard Scale Check with Calibration Summary:
  • Used in the majority of applications.
  • We test the accuracy of equipment to recommended specs or customer requirements without formal contract reviews or procedural elements. A Certificate of Calibration with traceable standards is included.
Custom Calibration Services:
  • For non-scale testing, including elevator capacity checks, and rigging.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Are your scales protected? System Scale is ready to help you maintain your scales, no matter the brand. We’re also happy to answer questions about how to service your scales. Contact us anytime to schedule preventative maintenance or set up a consultation.

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Do you have vehicle scales that also need servicing? Learn more about truck and rail scale services and preventative maintenance.

**System Scale ensures coverage of all METTLER TOLEDO Warranty Requirements.