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Our Process

Dedicated resources so you don't have to sweat the small stuff...

With over 150 years of combined experience in the weights and measurement industry, our Sales Engineers are committed to creating innovative, custom solutions for our clients' unique needs. Whether your project is complex or meant to bring greater efficiencies to a simple process, we are confident that our Sales Engineers can design a solution to meet your requirements.

Our Sales Engineers strive to provide value at every step of your project by managing the design, installation, and implementation of the final solution.

Our Process Graphic


Identify the project's initial scope definition and overview.

  • Review project's initial scope and definition
  • Review client's project budget and timing



Analyze the needs and requirements of the client's project.

  • Review of current operation
  • Material(s) to be weighed
  • Environmental considerations
  • Operator requirements / training


Determine the best, most appropriate solution for the project.

  • Based on application knowledge, industry knowledge, & regulatory requirements
  • Provide value-add options as appropriate


Oversee the project's implementation and manage until completion.

  • Coordinate with client & installation department on schedule, safety and regulatory requirements, and training needs
  • Project management


Provide ongoing support and service, according to service contracts.

  • Coordinate ongoing service with client per any preventative maintenance contracts or agreements