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Floor Scales


Floor Scales


Your floor scale is an important component to your operation and needs to do more than provide accurate weight readings when it’s brand new. It needs to give precise measurements time after time, even when used for demanding applications in industrial environments.

Industrial floor scales are the most frequently used and most versatile of our entire offering of scales. Floor scales are used in a wide variety of commercial applications to weigh incoming goods, provide weight within a manufacturing workflow, or just provide accurate shipment weights.

Floor Scales Require Precision Even In Harsh Conditions

By their nature, floor scales are one of the most abused pieces of equipment. Forklift loading, corrosive materials, heavy wash downs, dust, debris, overloading and hazardous areas are just a few of the tough environments floor scales have to perform in each day. Floor scales need to be durable and able to withstand anything, which is why System Scale's complete range of floor scales are:

  • Repeatable in performance and highly precise
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Tailored to fit your requirements
  • Rugged and able to withstand challenging environments

System Scale provides floor scales that are designed and built for accurate weighing in any environment. Available in a number of standard sizes, capacities, and materials and with options for portability, our floor scales also can be customized to meet your specific process requirements—no matter how complex they are.


Floor Scales to Meet Any Requirement

System Scale is proud to offer standard and purpose-built floor scales of all types, including:

  • Stainless or Mild Steel
  • Specialty (application specific)
  • Hygienic
  • Portable wheeled floor scales for easy mobility
  • Static floor scales for permanent installations
  • Manual or power-assisted lift deck scales (for easy cleaning)
  • Heavy capacity floor scales for items up to 60,000 lbs.
  • High precision floor scales with weighing ranges from 600 - 6000kg
  • Low profile floor scales
  • Economical / general purpose models

A Consultative and Safety-First Approach to Selecting the Right Scale

System Scale will also help reduce risks and eliminate potential workplace hazards to ensure safety for anyone using the floor scales. Ergonomically designed floor scales and professional equipment installation can reduce the risk of incidents and protect the health and safety of those operating the scale.

As a full-service scale provider, System Scale has the right floor scale to meet your needs, regardless of your budget or industry. A floor scale is an important investment and you need to have complete confidence in your purchase. That's why our approach is to consult you through the process and help determine your exact needs to match the right floor scale for your application.

Already have a floor scale? Download our Preventative Maintenance Checklist for floor scales to ensure you're keeping your scale in top operating condition.

For troubleshooting assistance, download our floor scales troubleshooting guide.

Let our experts at System Scale find the right industrial floor scale for your business. Request more information or contact one of our dedicated sales engineers to learn more.