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System Scale provides comprehensive instrument and scale calibration services across 12 locations in the Southern and Midwestern United States. Our ISO 17025 accreditation ensures quality service and safe and reliable results for your equipment, helping you achieve consistent precision and accuracy.

We calibrate a wide range of scales and measurement devices.

Why Calibrate with System Scale?

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System Scale offers some of the fastest equipment calibration turnaround times in the industry, without sacrificing quality of service.

Depending on the equipment, we’ll have it precisely calibrated and on its way back to you in just 3-5 business days.

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Our Calibration Laboratories are accredited to the rigorous quality standards of ISO 17025, the global benchmark for measurement accuracy.

We offer accredited calibration parameters with the tightest tolerances for a wide range of instruments, from electronics to thermodynamics.

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You can expect unparalleled customer service with calibration labs in multiple states.

Our mobile calibration labs enable our technicians to offer on-site ISO 17025 accredited calibration services with precision and speed. And we always act with integrity, putting your needs first.

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System Scale customers can manage all their calibration records with CalVault, our proprietary cloud-based asset management platform. With full transparency, trend analysis, and advanced analytics, it has never been easier to maintain your equipment and ensure it always operates at peak performance.

We Offer Calibration Services For:

System Scale labs offer electronic equipment calibration in our lab or on-site, utilizing the industry's best Fluke-manufactured electronic calibrators. Our experts calibrate a wide range of equipment including oscilloscopes, current clamps, multi-meters, insulation testers, megohm meters, and more.
Devices We Calibrate:
Ohm Meter, Ph Meter, Tachometer, Clamp Meter, LCR Meter, Conductivity Meter, Hipot Tester, Digital Multimeter, Power Supply, Temperature Controller
We calibrate dimensional equipment such as rings, plugs, pins and thread wires using our state-of-the-art LabMaster. The LabMaster uses lasers moving through prisms to take precise measurements.
Devices We Calibrate:
Weight, Weight Kit, Surface Plate, Measuring Tape, Pin Gage Set, Plain Plug Gage, Plain Ring Gage, Ruler, And More
With our custom-fabricated force machine, we deliver highly precise calibrations of large load cells and crane scales up to 100,000 pounds. We can measure force in both directions (tension and compression).
Devices We Calibrate:
Compression Tester, Crane Scale, Deadweight Tester, Dynamometer, Force Gage, Force Stand, Load Cell, Tensile Tester, And More
Precise pressure and vacuum gauges are essential in many manufacturing processes. At System Scale, our advanced air volumetric controller measures vacuum down to -14psi and pressure up to 3000psi. After 3000psi, we use the science of fluid mechanics via hydraulics to create accurate measurements up to 10,000psi.
Devices We Calibrate:
Deadweight Tester, Differential Gage, Magnehelic Gage, Manometer, Pressure Gage, Vacuum Gage, Anemometer, Calibrator, Compound Gage
For precise calibration of temperature- and humidity-related equipment, a fully controlled environment is essential. Our lab contains a fully-controlled 10 cubic foot temperature test chamber, allowing us to create controlled temperatures between -17°C to +200°C and humidity levels up to 98%.
Devices We Calibrate:
Oven, Freezer, Pyrometer, Refrigerator, Temperature Bath, Temperature Calibrator, Temperature Controller, Chart Recorder, Temperature / Humidity Meter, Datalogger, Environmental, Chamber, Humidity meter
Get your equipment faster by purchasing pre-calibrated test and measurement equipment from System Scale. Our wide selection of quality equipment is pre-calibrated to ISO 17025 standards and backed by our excellent customer service.
Devices We Calibrate:
Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter, Clamp Meters, Load Cells, Crane Scales, Data Loggers, Thermometer, Torque Wrenches, Torque Testers, Pressure Gauges

Why Are Calibration Services Important?

You rely on your test equipment to provide consistent, accurate results—and to ensure your instruments operate with precision, you need them calibrated through a certified calibration lab.

System Scale is accredited to ISO 17025, the highest quality standard in the global measurement industry. Trust us to ensure that your measurement instruments function with complete accuracy and deliver reliable results.

Calibration is not a one-and-done type of service, since equipment should be calibrated on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure ongoing accuracy.

You should also calibrate equipment in the following circumstances:

  • Before and after a critical test requiring extremely precise results
  • When your equipment is damaged or in need of restoration

Contact us below to request a quote for precision calibration and find out what sets System Scale apart.

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