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The weigh terminal (indicator) is the primary interface between the scale and the operator. It needs to be easy to use and provide the weight and data requirements you need quickly. Each process is unique—you need controllers and weighing terminals tailored to your requirements. System Scale provides flexible equipment, accommodating everything from basic to complex and automated weighing applications.

Customizable Solutions

Terminals/indicators range from the simple display where you might only need to view weight to highly advanced instruments that can accumulate data, control I/O in your process, or send weighing results like piece count, time/date, variable inputs, and more to your PLC or computer. In addition to weighing functions, these terminals may need to be battery operated, mounted onto scale platforms, built into panels, bolted to a wall, or strapped to a pole. Whatever your requirements, our team has the terminals and know-how to configure solutions to meet your needs. Our terminals are fast, accurate, and always reliable.

Typical Terminal Usage

Common Terminal uses include:

  • PC Integration
  • Displays weight, gallons, or custom measurement
  • Simple weighing, over/under checkweighing, classifying, and counting
  • Scalable and flexible, offering maximum customization

Terminal/Indicator Information & Resources

Let our experts at System Scale help you find the right terminal/ indicator for your business. Contact us to request more information or to learn more from one of our dedicated sales engineers.