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Precision Weigh Module Close-Up

Weigh Modules

What do you need to weigh?

Weigh Modules

Do you have a tank or other structure in which you need to be able to control and weigh the contents? A weigh module allows you to take a non-conventional structure and turn it into a scale.

These structures can include hoppers, tanks, vessels, conveyors, and even OEM machinery. By using tension or compression technology, System Scale can help you turn these industrial components into scales by using weigh modules. This allows users a great deal of flexibility with capacities that range from 1 lb to 500,000+ lbs.

Weigh modules come in a multitude of styles and configurations that allow you to adapt them to any dry, wet, or hazardous location where you require flexible weighing options. If you need a small solution, System Scale even offers access to a line of ultra-compact high precision modules that are typically built into machines with 0.01mg of readability.

Hygienic MultiMount weigh module

System Scale is proud to offer the Hygienic MultiMount™ Weigh Module which allows you to add weighing capabilities to your process by converting a tank, conveyor or other structure into a scale. These modules fulfill hygienic design requirements, including those from EHEDG and NSF, for minimal contamination risk and easy cleaning.

 The weigh module's proven rocker-pin design and metrologically-approved load cells provide the highest level of weighing accuracy. The Hygienic MultiMount™  features SafeLock™ capabilities, which ensure easy, safe and trouble-free installation and operation right from the start.

Weigh module

In addition to the Hygienic MultiMount™, we offer a full line of weigh modules that convert a tank or other structure into a scale, including a wide range of mount styles, including weigh modules that are guaranteed to be waterproof.

  • Compression Weigh Modules: For floor supported tanks and conveyors; include integrated safety features and global approvals like OIML, NTEP, and for hazardous area.
  • High Precision Weigh Modules: High speed and accuracy weigh modules; tailored to the needs of the equipment or machinery.
  • Tension Weigh Modules: For suspended tanks and hoppers; integrated safety features and global approvals like OIML, NTEP, and for hazardous area.
Unique configurations

In addition to the more common configuration types already mentioned, we also offer solutions for even the most unique needs, offering products such as:

  • Single and Double Shear Beam Cells
  • S or Z Block Tension Load Cells
  • Single Point Load Cells
  • Canister / Ring Style Load Cells
  • Vehicle Load Cells and Mounts

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Let System Scale help you find the right industrial weigh module for your specific needs.
Visit our Resources page for more information on weighing, or contact one of our dedicated sales engineers to learn more.