CalVault: Cloud-Based Asset Management Platform

Combining relevant calibration and billing information and a field technician app into one easy-to-use, secure customer portal means you can access critical information any time on any device.

CalVault is System Scale’s proprietary cloud-based asset management platform – designed specifically around your needs. It’s a secure customer portal for certificates and billing, as well as a field technician app – all in one.

When you use CalVault, you’ll have 24/7 access to all your calibration records in a certified secure SOC 2 Type 2 Data Center with 99.98% uptime. The bottom line? Spend less time managing certificates, tracking equipment, and paying bills with CalVault.

See For Yourself

To see how CalVault works and learn more about the benefits, be sure to
watch this three-minute video:

How CalVault Works to Streamline Calibration

With CalVault, maintaining scales to ensure they are always operating at peak performance has never been easier. See how we’ve streamlined the process:

  • Work orders are created based on preventative maintenance contract schedules, customer requests, or new installations
  • The technician records all test points, parts used, and other details
  • Before the technician leaves, you can review the tests performed and approve the work order
  • Once approved, all records, including related work orders and invoices, are available
  • Calibration certificates are organized and stored in the CalVault portal for easy access
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How Stakeholders Use the Customer Portal

The CalVault Portal helps Finance, Quality Managers, and Plant Managers access relevant calibration and billing information anytime, anywhere from any device.

  • View upcoming and complete work orders to help plan ahead and avoid production interruptions
  • Monitor the equipment across the entire organization’s locations, with access to relevant details like supplier, model, capacity, status, and expiration date
  • View, bulk print, and download official test certificates any time
  • See details about measurements and the standards that were used on each test
  • Review or export lists and reports like:
    • All Active Equipment
    • Items Found Out of Tolerance
    • Items That Failed Calibration
  • Access information anytime that helps plan maintenance cycles, replacement, or equipment repair to prevent critical and expensive situations like device fails
  • Receive email alerts with direct pay links
  • Pay multiple invoices securely at once by credit card or eCheck
  • Access invoice history anytime that can be reviewed or printed

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