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Bench Scales


Industrial bench scales, which can also be referred to as compact scales, are ideal for small spaces as they take up a minimal amount of room while providing maximum accuracy and durability in a variety of industrial environments. These multi-purpose bench scales are built to withstand daily use in both wet and dry areas and are typically very affordable, with some models even approved for use in hazardous areas.

Whatever your specific operational needs, a portable or bench scale can provide fast and convenient weighing, mixing, counting, or checkweighing to your processes. Our team at System Scale can guide you to the right scale to provide you with weighing options for maximum efficiency with little to no manual effort required.

Mettler Toledo servicing a bench scale

System Scale provides bench scales that are available in a wide variety of accuracies, materials, and sizes. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Small footprints to fit any setting
  • Capacities ranging from 0.6 to 600kg
  • Verified resolutions of up to 60,000 divisions
  • Easy to assemble and dis-assemble
  • Accurate displays that are easy to view
  • Available in mild steel for general manufacturing environments or a variety of stainless steel configurations to meet demands with protection up to IP69k
  • Common accessories include: height adjustable stands, terminal columns, roller top conveyors, and wheeled units for portability

System Scale is proud to offer the most dependable models on the market for checking weight. With sturdy, easy-to-clean bases and highly visible displays, each digital bench scale offers convenience and reliability.

technician servicing a mettler toledo bench scale

Portable or stationary bench scales can be used in a number of applications for uses ranging from package handling to chemical handling, and in pharmaceuticals to factory settings and beyond, including washdown environments. Digital bench scales are also available for connectivity to printers, remote displays, or computers.

Some common applications for bench scales, portable scales, or digital bench scales include:

  • Parcel shipping
  • Quality control
  • Counting
  • Filling
  • Checkweighing
  • General weighing
  • Over-Under
  • Conveyor-mounted
  • Battery operated
  • Portable

Download our Preventative Maintenance Checklist for bench scales to ensure you’re keeping your scale in top operating condition.

mettler toledo ICS685 scale with scanner and printer

The new colorWeight Completeness Control is a new interactive tool from Mettler Toledo that seeks to encourage individuals to think about checkweighing items using color instead of a weight reading.

For example, this method is commonly used in a business setting where the task is to fill products to a certain weight target.

  • GREEN display on indicator – weight target has been reached
  • YELLOW display on indicator – still within a weight tolerance, but either slightly too heavy or too light
  • RED display on indicator – items being weighed are outside of the tolerance limits, either heavy or light

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Let System Scale find the right industrial bench scale for your business. Request more information or contact one of our dedicated sales engineers to learn more.

Our team can also support your bench scale throughout its lifetime by providing superior service, calibration,and repairs – all up to industry regulations.

For troubleshooting assistance, download our Bench Scales Troubleshooting Guide.