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Heavy Capacity Scale Services


Vehicle scales are one of the largest investments a company can make. Preventative maintenance will keep your scales operating at peak performance, keep your warranty intact, and preserve the long-term health of your scales—reducing costly issues.

System Scale offers comprehensive and value-driven inspection service for every make and model of vehicle scale. Our qualified technicians give your scale a thorough checkup, paying special attention to components that tend to wear out. After the inspection, you’ll receive a helpful detailed report on the scale’s condition and recommendations for future service.

Use Our Seasonal Checklist

Truck and railroad scales are constantly exposed to the elements. In addition to normal wear-and-tear maintenance, each change of season is the perfect time to inspect your scale to ensure it is clean, functioning properly, and providing accurate results.

We recommend conducting a thorough visual check and power wash after each season because dirt, buildup, and
frayed or cracked components can significantly impact scale’s accuracy.But what should you look for? Our Seasonal Checklist can serve as a helpful guide.

Scheduled inspections and calibration of your vehicle scales by System Scale assure that your equipment remains true to factory tolerances and performances, saving you money and time.

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Timing Scale Maintenance

Do you know when you should time routine maintenance to ensure your scales always operate at maximum performance? Consider these three areas when setting a maintenance schedule:

  • Warranty Requirements: Most manufacturers require maintenance at least twice per year in order to maintain valid warranty status. These requirements vary.
  • Industry-Specific Timing: Each industry typically has a busy period, and scales should be serviced at least 30 days prior. For example, scales used for agriculture should be serviced 30 days before receiving purchased seed and 30 days before harvesting and selling crops.
  • Seasonal Issues: Seasonal changes can cause issues such as debris buildup, steel expansion, and concrete damage. We recommend scale service with each change of season.

Heavy Capacity Service Highlights

System Scale offers the following heavy capacity services to ensure your scales are operating at peak performance:

  • Calibration
  • Repair
  • Comprehensive service (“jack and grease”)
  • ISO services
  • Conversions
  • Scale Relocation
  • Local parts inventory
  • Certified test weights and test carts
  • Railroad adapted test carts (in some locations)
  • Cleaning / power wash
  • Service available 24/7/365 with 4-hour response time
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Financial Risk Calculator

Knowing when to schedule services can help you prevent major issues and reduce financial risk. Our Financial Risk Calculator for vehicle scales can help you determine your needs.

Schedule Heavy Capacity Service

Call 800-467-6707 or request an appointment online. For more service information or to schedule emergency services, contact your local office.