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Heavy Capacity Scale Services

As one of the largest scale investments a company can make, vehicle scales require preventative maintenance to continue operating at peak performance. Not only will this maintenance keep your warranty intact, but it's also critical to the long-term health and financial cost of the scale.

With a full fleet of scale test trucks and certified weights, System Scale offers comprehensive and value-driven inspection service for every make and model of vehicle scale. Our qualified service technicians give your scale a thorough checkup, paying special attention to those components that tend to wear out or fail. After the inspection, you'll receive a detailed written report on the scale’s condition and any service recommendations that might be necessary for the future.

In addition to normal wear and tear, each change of season means it's time to make sure your scale is clean and functioning properly to ensure you're getting the most accurate results. At System Scale, we recommend you conduct a thorough visual check and power wash after each season change as dirt, build-up, and frayed or cracked components can have a significant impact on your scale's accuracy. But what should you look for? Our Seasonal Checklist can serve as a simple guide, and includes a helpful worksheet you can use for each of your scales.

Truck and railroad scales are constantly exposed to the elements. Scheduled inspections and calibration of your vehicle scales by System Scale assure that your equipment remains true to factory tolerances and performances, in turn increasing your business profitability.


Use a Seasonal

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Timing Scale Maintenance

Do you know when you should time routine maintenance for each of your scales? There are 3 main justifications to keeping your scales up to maximum operating performance. These include:

  1. Warranty Requirements: Manufacturers warranties may require a certain frequency of maintenance. For example, most manufacturers require maintenance at least twice per year in order to maintain valid warranty status.
  2. Industry Specific Timing: Each industry typically has a period of higher usage, which means scales should have maintenance done at least 30 days before the most important weighing event. For example, scales used for agriculture should have maintenance done 30 days before receiving purchased seed and 30 days before harvesting and selling crops.
  3. Seasonal Issues: As discussed above, seasonal changes can bring about new issues such as debris buildup, steel expansion, and concrete damage.

Warranty requirements and industry-specific timing should all be taken into account and maintained according to individual scale requirements. By using a Maintenance Timing Schedule, you can know exactly when you scale is due for service.

System Scale offers the following heavy capacity services to ensure your scales are operating accurately and at peak performance.

  • Service available 24/7/365 with 4-hour response time
  • Calibration
  • Repair
  • Comprehensive service ("jack and grease")
  • ISO services
  • Conversions
  • Scale Relocation
  • Local parts inventory
  • Certified test weights and test carts
  • Railroad adapted test carts (in some locations)
  • Cleaning / power wash

Heavy Capacity Service Highlights

By understanding when your scale needs to be serviced and by preventing larger issues, you can rest assured you are reducing financial risk. Interested in calculating potential risk for yourself? Check out our Financial Risk Calculator for vehicle scales.

Let System Scale be your single source for all calibration needs. Request more information or contact one of our dedicated operation managers to learn more.