System Scale Wins Techpoint Mira Award for Digital Transformation

The image is a photograph of System Scale's CEO, Mike Sale, accepting a Mira Award for Digital Transformation on behalf of System Scale along with Growth Heroes CEO Jim Bartek.

System Scale, in partnership with Growth Heroes, earned the Digital Transformation Award during TechPoint’s 24th annual Mira Awards gala.

At System Scale, we understand the critical role that technology plays in the success of an organization. Our company was founded in 1979, and over the years, we realized an opportunity for our operations to evolve with the latest technology. Our goal was to seek continual improvement in order to better equip our employee-owners and provide our customers with the highest quality in our products and services. In 2012, when Mike Sale began serving as our Chief Financial Officer, we embarked on a thorough digital transformation journey, working with Growth Heroes to reshape and improve our business operations at every level.

How We Transformed

The digital transformation began with implementing for Sales and Quickbooks Online to consolidate our accounting infrastructure. One division at a time, we shifted from individual, paper-based systems to becoming fully integrated in the digital cloud. Salesforce now allowed us to automatically generate invoices, sales tax, and commissions. Through our online customer portal, CalVault, our customers were now able to easily access and address invoices, test certificates, and work orders. We also saw improvements in the quality assurance process with the use of Salesforce AI for scale failure prediction modeling. In 2016, with two successful acquisitions, we were able to easily integrate additional operations into our cloud-based systems.

Our digital transformation is, and always will be an ongoing process. Earlier this year, we began a project to use a VOIP telephony integration through Salesforce to optimize our phone systems. We also began implementing practices through EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to help System Scale fully integrate our core values, allowing us to better serve employee-owners and customers and continue driving sustained growth.

Transformation Results

The transformation significantly impact operations. It created efficiency gains and allowed us to focus on our top priority: “Quality You Can Measure.” We highly value transparency in service of our employee-owners, customers, and stakeholders. So, we are proud to say that our share price increased from $96 to $500 during our digital transformation. This is a 23 percent annualized return year-over-year. We achieved this 5x corporate growth while simultaneously reducing the need for overtime. Now, we can  better prioritize our worldwide workforce of nearly 100 employee-owners. In recent years, we have experienced double-digit revenue growth. Most importantly, our new, digitized practices allow us to focus on serving our customers.

The Mira Awards judges admired the results of our digital transformation journey. Moreover, they judges called it a testament to making bold moves in business by allowing technology to drive change.

The Judges Said The Thoughtful, Deliberate Approach To Systematic Cloud Migration, Automation And Improvement Should Be Studied And Replicated Everywhere Possible.

We are thrilled to receive this recognition and are proud of the hard work and dedication of our employee-owners, who were involved in every step of the transformation.

At System Scale, we constantly improve our services to provide quality experiences. We look forward to integrating future innovations and technologies as we continue to expand our reach and create lasting value for our customers.

The image shows a glass Mira award placed on a scale.