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Specialty Scales


If you are searching for a specialty scale or related product, System Scale can help you select just the right solution for your specific needs. In addition to our standard and vehicle scales, we proudly offer food scales, in-motion checkweighers, industrial metal detectors, X-ray inspection machines, crane scales, forklift scales, medical scales, and dimensioning products. We offer a wide variety of specialty scales to meet whatever requirements you may have.

Here’s a look at our selection of specialty scales and related products:

mettler toledo food scale

Checkweighers are used in a wide variety of applications in the food industry, along with other industries, for verifying product weight or completeness. As your scale partner, System Scale is proud to carry Minebea Intec’s wide range of checkweighers to suit any individual requirements you may have in terms of accuracy, throughput, hygienic design, regulation, compliance, and cost.

We offer both in-line checkweighers and multi-lane checkweighers to fit your unique production needs.

large mettler toledo dynamic parcel scale

Dimensioning products provide static dimensions of random packages to be used in the calculation of freight charges. Whether you need to do a quick check of parcels at the point of-pick or require a solution for automatic merging of dimensions, weight, and ID data, System Scale has a solution to fit any application. Choose between mobile or stationary dimensioning options and capture data at any step of your operation. The systems are easy to install and connect to label printers and scanning devices, and are simple to integrate into existing IT infrastructure, making the move to automatic measuring simple and seamless.

technician using a mettler toledo manufacturing machine

The use of X-ray inspection systems in the food industry has significantly increased over the last several years as they have proven to be a good investment for ensuring product safety, integrity, and quality. The ability of X-ray inspection systems to detect products containing foreign bodies and remove these reliably from the production or packaging line supports compliance with industry standards such as HAACP, IFS, and BRC.

With Minebea Intec’s X-ray inspection machines, your organization can protect its brand reputation, avoid costly product recalls, and ensure product integrity and safety.

two technicians setting up mettler toledo food metal detector

Does your organization need a metal detector for inspection services? System Scale is proud to offer Minebea Intec’s line of industrial metal detectors and metal detection systems for the inspection of food and other products. The systems are capable of detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and reliably separating any products contaminated with these metals from the production or packaging line.

Whatever your need, we can help you identify the right metal detector solution. We offer two types of detectors:

  • One for protecting production equipment and production staff
  • One for protecting consumers
line pouch check weighing scale

Does your food business need a scale it can count on for precision accuracy without taking up a large footprint? System Scale offers a wide range of bench scales that are perfect for food industry businesses that need precise weighing and measuring solutions. Whether you need to weigh just a few grains of rice or several steaks, we have a bench scale that will fit your weighing or counting needs. We also offer accessories such as:

  • Height-adjustable stands
  • Terminal columns
  • Roller top conveyors
  • Wheeled units for portability
mettler toledo forklift scale

Forklift scales are complete scales that are mounted as part of your fork truck’s carriage. This allows the forklift driver to pick up loads and weigh at the same time, saving both time and money. Units are available with cab-mounted displays or Bluetooth links to other devices.

Crane scales are specialty scales used to do the weighing as you pick up the object. Crane scales are available in both mechanical and electronic models with some advanced units employing RF technology to send the weight to a desktop display for the operator. Units are available for standard industrial application, high heat areas, and heavy washdown locations.

Visit our Resources page for more information to consider when purchasing a crane scale.

System Scale Also Offers These Additional Specialty Scales:

  • Overhead rail scales for in-process weighing
  • Basis weight scales
  • Drum filling
  • Livestock scales
  • Wheelchair scales
  • Medical scales
  • Many others…

Let System Scale find the right industrial scale for your business. Request more information or contact one of our dedicated sales engineers to learn more.