How to Compare Rates Between Service Providers

Choosing a service provider can be tricky. Even though services may seem alike, many rely on price comparisons to make a decision. But are you comparing apples to apples?

Questions to Ask Your Potential Service Provider

  • Do you have a minimum charge?
  • What is your response time if and when an issue arises?
  • Do you have any additional miscellaneous charges not included in the rate provided? How are these calculated?
  • What level of service do you provide for the amount quoted – a basic check or a comprehensive check, which can prevent future problems?
  • How long will services take? Will the downtime cost my business anything?
  • What are your documentation capabilities? Are records handwritten or emailed?
  • Is there any sort of online portal with access from anywhere on any device?

While pricing is worth considering, less expensive providers are typically less for a reason. Experience is important when selecting a long-term partner.

Make sure you’re evaluating the true return on investment, including cost of service, prevention of future issues, or responsiveness during challenging times.

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