How to Compare Rates Between Service Providers

Choosing a service provider can be challenging. On the surface, services typically appear similar, and absent some other business need, companies oftentimes wind up comparing providers based on pricing. But that begs the question: are you comparing apples to apples? Here are some things to look for or ask your provider:

  • Do you have a minimum charge?
  • Do you send one or multiple technicians to a job site? How many are you paying for?
  • What is your response time if and when an issue arises?
  • Do you have any additional miscellaneous charges not included in the rate provided? How are these calculated?
  • What level of service are you getting for the amount quoted – a basic / quick check or a comprehensive check (which might help to PREVENT future problems)?
  • How long is service going to take? Will the downtime required cost your business anything?
  • Documentation capabilities – Are records handwritten? Emailed? Any sort of online portal with access from anywhere on any device?

These questions leave out perhaps the most important consideration – experience.

While pricing is always a consideration, less expensive providers are typically less expensive for a reason. Make sure you’re evaluating the true return on investment, whether that includes hard dollars spent on service, prevention of future issues, or being able to respond quickly to minimize downtime costs.

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